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#1 in the Splendid Summer Series The Summer of '17 was supposed to be glorious full of pool parties, girls and awesomeness. At least that's what Reid Cathwell envisioned it would be like but just his luck, he's stuck volunteering at pet shop all because of a tiny mistake. Just then, his luck worsens and now he's stuck with an unrequited crush or two. He's not surprised when the beautiful girl, Luna catches his eye at the pet shop. After all, pretty girls with bright blue eyes was his thing. But what's surprising is, he seems to become friends with Taylor, the pretty boy who makes being a geek look cool. now, he's stuck. blinded by his crush for these two makes him wonder. pan? bi? Summer of 2017 wasn't supposed to turn into a fest of sexual distress and awkward interaction with two beautiful people.

Reid's Punishment

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Reid Cath...
by saturnine--