Trust me?
By rayray0212
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  • possessive
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Summary :BWWM Warning ⚠️ Mature content "How do I know?" "What?" "How do I know you won't hurt me.... I barely know you. How can I know you won't hurt me?" I asked with tears brimming my eyes. Great just cry in front of all beautiful men huh "Trust me?" ************************** She's 18 but she's been through a lot. Her past holds pain, a lot of pain. Her life is not her owns and for some reason life just will not pass her by. Could there be something greater for her than what she's seeing? He's 20, the son of a mafia lord, but he quit often wonders about that career choice and if he'll ever be able to fill his fathers shoes. He's not as crazy as his father but this special girl brings out his wild side. Can he trust her? Can she trust him? Warning ⚠️ this book may include sexual material that is not suitable for kids. Please refrain from reading if you are under age.

Chapter one

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Trust me?...
by rayray0212