QueenBees Have Brok...
By oneuniquereader
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Featured on Wattpad New Adult. #2 in Teen Fiction |7/11/19| #3 ChickLit |18/01/2020| #1 in #saynotobullying on |6/06/19| This book breaks the stereotypes. It tells about how a QueenBees loses her status and ends up being bullied by everyone in the school because she was framed by somebody else. The worse part? Her crush is her number one bully. ••• "You know I can make your life a living hell." Ezio sneered, making me let out a chuckle. "Isn't it hell already?" I asked, smiling slightly at him. "If you think this is hell then wait for it to become worse, slut." his tone instantly sent shivers down my whole body. Why couldn't he see that I wasn't the one who was at fault here? It was his so called girlfriend. Why couldn't he notice that I was hurting? I wanted to curl myself into a ball and hide away from the torture. I wanted somebody to save me. But, I knew there was no body to help me. I was alone in this. I might always be alone. ••• Warning: This book contains physical abuse and foul language. Copyright © 2019 by @oneuniquereader.

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