The Mobster. [Mafia...
By UshbaAnsari
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• Book I in Mafia Rom Com series. • //A King only bows before his Queen\\ 20-year-old Camille is the badass- stubborn yet sassy girl of the whole college. She is the epitome of beauty. Boys are literally on knees in front of her. But the girl has her goals set and no one could tell what darkness is behind her tomboy attitude. 29-year-old Kai Parker is the ruthless king of the most powerful mafia. He is cold heartless, cocky and a devilish monster with panty-dropping looks. No one dares to mess with him and he gets what he wants. Now the monstrous king has his eyes on the sass queen for his evil reasons. Will Camille let Kai play with her life and emotions or will she fight the cruelest bastard of town? "There is darkness inside him- a darkness that scares me even as it draws me in." -Camille. "Something in the way she moves attracts me like no other." -Kai. A story full of betrayal, deaths, lies, torture, pain, violence, jealousy, humor, heartbreak, sarcasm, twists, teasing, and tons of dark romance. 》Contains offensive language and mature content. 》Completed. 》Copyright© UshbaAnsari™ 2019 ⏺⏺⏺ "Goddamn, you for doing this to me." His voice was huskier than ever. Heat curled down my spine just listening to him. His eyes were blazing with lust, darker than ever. I tried to calm my racing heart but it was pointless. His lips attacked me again as his hands trailed my legs hooked around his waist. My fingers knotted in his wild hair as I kissed him back with the same aggression and lust. Fuck. He can kiss. Not breaking the seal, he walked us towards the table and slammed me down, knocking down all the glasses and dishes to the floor with a crash. I groaned into the kiss as my back collided with the wooden table, but I couldn't care less. "There is something insanely hot when I pin you down like this." His voice was hoarse and thick sending me over the drive and turning me on more than ever before. × × ×

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The Mobst...
by UshbaAnsari