The Daemon Child
By Amberhen
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The world can truly be unfair to those who try to do what is right for their people. Ardyn Lucis Caelum was one who was chosen by the Crystal in order to save Eos from the Starscourge that had brought the daemons to Eos. Ardyn absorbed countless daemons, and in doing so, made Ardyn the Starscourge incarnate. This caused the Crystal reject him and was denied ascension to the throne. Ardyn's corrupted soul had became immortal, forced to be banished from the Crown City Insomnia while being erased from their history. Ardyn angered by the treatment, moved to Niflheim in order to devise a plan to get back at his family for casting him out. After one millennia, and several kings taking the Lucis throne, Arydn had fallen in love with a young woman in Gralea. With his new found love, created a daughter named (Y/N). Even in the creation of (Y/N), a price had to be paid, causing Ardyn's lover to pass after the birth of his child. Ardyn was devastated at the lost of his love, soon growing a hatred to his own daughter. In his grief, Ardyn casted her out when she reached the age of 10, telling her to never return home. He forced her on to a boat to the place he once called home, to where she was left alone. Now in the present day after that fateful day, (Y/N) had become a part of the Crownsguard long ago in order to protect the future Kings. Even though (Y/N) has lived beside the royal family for many centuries, she was kept a secret to the public of her existence and from Ardyn, who believed had died. With Noctis becoming of age of marriage, King Regis orders (Y/N) to accompany Noctis for his safety. With meeting the Prince for the first time, (Y/N) soon meets someone who changes her life forever.

Chapter 1: A Child Is Born

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The Daemo...
by Amberhen