If Akademi was a Bo...
By Aia_Akira
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*Yan Sim x Male rivals* Your name is Akahane Akito. Your mother is the CEO of HALO.X- the greatest rival of Saikou Corp. For the first ten years of your life, you were raised by a loyal servant to your family; never knew your father, and your mother was an even greater stranger. The next few years, you lived with her, but rarely saw her. This led to your stubborn, headstrong and independent personality; and your way of keeping people away, which often portrays you as arrogant and proud, which you might be. Now, as you are older, and closer to the day you will take over your mother's throne, you have been taken to one of the most prestigious schools in the country - Akademi Boarding School. Only problem- it is owned by the Saikou family and there have been rumours about a dangerous person lurking in the campus. GREAT. Now you have to deal with the Saikou heir, and a psychotic criminal... but surely there's more? Now, are you ready to conquer Akademi?


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If Akadem...
by Aia_Akira