Ms. Modest (Jihyo x...
By Katherine15372
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Park Jihyo a friend of kim dahyun. she's a famous actress and successful singer in korea. she has an energy no one can beat. everybody she knows calls her a really good friend and very nice actress. she's known as Ms. Modest Kim y/n stepsisters with kim dahyun. y/n is a famous actress in seoul korea. Y/n has a smile plastered on her face but she knew deep down it was only a mask she's wearing everyday. but suddenly she lets her inner demons out to the world where she's known as Ms. arrogant. jihyo tried really hard to keep her feelings away from business but she can't. until she met y/n who really caught her attention quickly without even doing anything. will Jihyo change Ms. 'arrogant'?

Chapter 1: Family Dinner

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Ms. Modes...
by Katherine15372