Damned Hearts
By winternsnow
  • Teen Fiction
  • abuse
  • adventures
  • broken
  • couple
  • highschool
  • love
  • wattys2019


Maddie Haze is pretty much your average girl. Aside from the fact that her family died when she was little leaving her with her mother's former boyfriend. Her mother's past is unclear to her. She doesn't know her father or any family relatives. It's simply a mystery to her. A mystery she wants to unfold. On the other hand, Jett Harris is miserable. He's stuck with an abusive foster family and is being bullied in school. He isn't doing good and he's pretty much tired of his life. That is until he meets Maddie. After an unexpected and slightly shady encounter, the two of them work their way into Maddie's past and Jett's issues. A shady encounter, a baffling adventure, a judgemental society and two damned hearts. Will life grant them their wishes? Will they build each other's broken hearts or will they end up piercing one another with those broken shards?


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Damned He...
by winternsnow