Inner Predator
By JustACalendarDay
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Aurora's world turned upside down nearly a year ago when she discovered that she's half Mystical, one of two groups of Supernaturals that exist. A year ago, she wasn't even sure if she believed in all the Supernatural talkā€¦ it seemed about as realistic as UFOs. Now she spends her days trying to perfect her Fae skills and her free time hanging with her friends or sparing with the shifters at the gym. Life gets even more interesting after she catches the attention of a vampire. Chase Avery isn't just any vampire though, he's the definition of terrifying. When she manages to one up him in a sparring match, he's more than a little intrigued. Chase knows that no Fae should fight so well, they're Mysticals, they use magic not strength. The Cursed are know for their brawn and yet Aurora manages to hold her own against them, he's determined to find out why.

Tall Dark & Terrifying

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Inner Pre...
by JustACalendarDay