Destiny or Coincide...
By sprinklePT14
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We think that everything is in our hands and especially our present and future which we carefully plan it all together to make it perfect and easier for us. But what if our fate has other plans for us? what if we think that it was just a coincidence but turns out to be our destiny in the end? Is there a thing called a coincidence? Or is everything a Destiny? Read to know... --------- Athira Patel is from Hyderabad and after completing her studies she and her friends got the job in different places. They wanted to enjoy one last day doing a party where Athira meets the one who she kisses on the first meet. After Athira had a breakup with her first boyfriend she never wanted to be in any relationship. Her life goal is to settle down in her dream job, but what happens when she meets Abhilash Ponnam in the pub for the first time and gets attracted to him immediately? What happens when she is unable to resist her feelings towards Abhilash? Will she give in to her feelings or still be afraid because of her past relationship with her Ex? Are they destined to be together? Is Abhilash meeting her in the pub is just a coincidence or a Destiny? Follow Athira's Journey to know what is her destiny. Destiny or Coincidence??? "LIFE IS ALL ABOUT DESTINY, AND COINCIDENCE IS A THING THAT HELPS US MEET WITH DESTINY" Cover credit goes to @cocoalatte7 Started - 3rd May 2019 Ending - Ongoing Wattpad Ranking: #43 - Attraction = 10/7/2019 #49 - Attraction, #107 - Like, #161 - breakup, and #142 - Jealous = 7/7/2019 #49 - Attraction, #162 - Like and #151 - Jealous = 5/6/2019 #74 - Attraction, #169 - Like and #182 - Jealous = 25/5/2019 #157 - Attraction, #199 - Like and #276 - Jealous = 22/5/2019

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Destiny o...
by sprinklePT14