The Fangirl Next Do...
By fuxkingharrry
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COMPLETED!!! "We got the Confidentiality Agreememt in the mail a week before they moved in, Cora and I both signed of course, we crossed the T's, dotted the I's, the whole deal. It's our second time getting one of those bad boys in the mail since moving here to L.A. The neighborhood, not too shabby, I love it here, but there's never any big stars, last time the agreement was for Ashley Tisdale, though my childhood self would have died to know I would be living next door to THE Sharpay Evans, adult me didn't give two fucks. So I signed it, not really caring, knowing it will be the same as last time, just another star, wanting to live their life as normal as they can, if that's even possible, and I'm being forced into signing this agreement so they can live in a pretend world of nice neighbors and make believe for however long they decide to stay. I was wrong about this one though, upon signing this, I didn't know it would be him, Harry Styles moving in, just next door to me, the girl who hasn't stopped posting about One Direction since she started making YouTube videos." WARNING: there will be language and sexual content(:

Prologue: the agreement.

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The Fangi...
by fuxkingharrry