Song of Silence | L...
By GeneralPretzel
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Albie has lived her whole life without speaking a word. Born mute, she hasn't been able to. Nor has she needed to. In a world full of time travelers, laser eyes, mighty heroes and diabolical villains, the young telepath has always found it easier to keep her powers a secret. Speak with her hands. Stay out of the spotlight. Offstage at least. Graduated early from high school, preparing to enter college as a promising music major, and employed part time for the Atlantic City Orchestra House, Albie's life is looking up. But everything changes when her best friend and violinist accompanist, Robin, proposes an crazy idea that will change their lives forever. Become superheroes. Despite her best efforts to avoid it, Albie finds herself dragged into a hidden battle she never thought would touch her. Using her powers is no longer the question. But being a hero? That may turn out more difficult than she ever expected. > • • • < | In collaboration with the League of Spammers | | A League of Supers Tale | | Begun May 9, 2019 |

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Song of S...
by GeneralPretzel