Melted by You
By JonnyPippin
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"Yeah, I think I can try being your teacher again" he says. "Really? Does that mean we're friends then?" I ask, excited. He looks at me, and starts laughing. He laughs for a pretty long time, and I almost start to feel a little insecure. "Of course we are!" he says, when he's done laughing. "Oh" I say, and I smile shyly. "Cool". He shakes his head, and pats my shoulder. "I thought that was obvious man. We're a perfect duo". "Yeah, definitely" I say, and I eat some more cotton candy ice cream. "Perfect". ะจะจะจ Landon is happy. He always is. Everyone knows him as the happiest person in school, even though he has a surprisingly troubled past regarding his relationships with other people, like friends that were jerks, and girlfriends that allegedly cheated on him. Nobody can change Landons mood, or so it seems. Because what if you realise you've never really been in love before? And what if you realise your crush won't like you back? And what if one of your best friend might not at all approve of your relationship? Will Landon be able to keep his happy reputation, or will people realise he's got weaknesses too? #2 in the Molton High series


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Melted by...
by JonnyPippin