Rebel's Riches
By _xxalone
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In a world of luxury and money everything might not be as its cut out to be. Maybe the glamorous life isn't as fun as we thought it would be? Join Thea Sterling through her story. She may have the looks. She may have the personality but what if that's not enough for the world ahead of her.?The corrupt world of the riches is even worse than Thea had even thought it would ever be. What happens to Thea when her school gets fed up of her shenanigans and sends her to a school for the rich delinquents. And that's when she meets Xavier Knight. A gorgeous delinquent that she barely knows and is set to get married to him very soon. But maybe It wasn't going to be as bad as they both thought. Maybe this could spark a possible romance between the two.

Characters and Disclaimer

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Rebel's R...
by _xxalone