Happy ending belong...
By kinmiko
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  • villainess


CHANGED SUMMARY!!!!! Being your average highschool student is just as having a tough life too. Haruka has never dare to dream of living a luxurious life before. Being an orphan who support her life by drawing manga, she was so fed up with shoujo light novel, especially the novel that has your typical heroine from fairy tale. Seem like Karma is real, Haruka was soon sucked by a toilet since Truck sama is having a vacation because he seem to be exhausted of sending many protagonists to isekai but now Toilet sama has taken the sit and send her Isekai away into a body of a hateful antagonist Haruka Nishiraki. Being a neglected problem child, Haruka set her life to be a daughter/lady who loved by all including her father who neglected Haruka from novel. This heroine sit is now mine, so back off both protagonists because I am the new antagonist and why does this story now has some sort of 360 degree plot twist?!!! This is not my work I swear to lord, I was only changed my life from a neglected daughter to a beloved daughter! So why does this plot twist? What will happen to Haruka? Will she become the heroine instead, making all of the male lead falls in love with her? Or will she decided to become a great magician of the empire and set her life on a wild adventure around the continent?!! Read to find out which choice will she gonna choose All the work are mine except the cover All of the characters are fiction Story are also fiction And beware of wrong spelling and grammar!!!!!! Highest Rank(I got highest rank in my first whole life lmao) #1 in Antagonist #2 in Noble #1 in Japanesenovel #11 in Josei #24 in Villainess (even if this rank low,but Villainess is a common tag :3)


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Happy end...
by kinmiko