The Ex
By EmRatosss
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The perfect man just proposed and what was my answer? NO. Why? I'm too scared to get my heartbroken AGAIN. Spontaneity led me to the worst heartbreak of my life. A heartbreak that no matter how much I try to forget, remains with me. All I have to do is distract myself by focusing on running my restaurant and making sure my best friends have the greatest wedding on earth as their maid of honor. Simple, right? WRONG. Guess who re-enters my life after 5 long years? My heart-breaker ex. He's the best man. And he's not about to make things easy for me. Despite the hole in my heart, did I mention how bad I want to rip his clothes off? I'm in BIG trouble. I REFUSE to let him break me again. I WON'T make the same mistake twice. I WILL resist him. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.


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The Ex
by EmRatosss