Dancing with the Ki...
By atedoreenz
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DANCING OF THE KING BOOK 1 of The Vampire Waltz Collection "Damian why do I feel bored out or sad when you're not around? " I softly asked. He chuckled and took a sip from his tea leaning his smooth muscular back at his chair. his clothes fitted him so well, in a distant you'll think you meet an angel with his looks but a smile so devilish, he was a man in a regal style. "Our bond obviously.. " his voice answer with that deep bass making my heart beat and flutter. I wrinkled my nose a little and he knew what that meant. It means I don't get it! "You feel energized and happy when I'm around cause I'm your other half. That's all. " "Ohhh.. Another question why are you drinking tea? I thought vampires can't drink that or eat food? " "Don't believe everything in movies bunny, I can do a lot of things as long as I have power. " Tales of a mysterious manor moving from place to place was something to be avoided but curiosity got her the best. Maria Amor Reyes was mistook to be the Vampire's Bride, accidentally unknowing he was every being feared, The King of Darkness, the Night. New novel means new inspiration from a current dream lol

Chapter 1

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Dancing w...
by atedoreenz