Lemon; larry stylin...
By larryent
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In the judgemental world of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, the line between the three genders has never been deeper. Alphas are dominant, powerful and always the highest level of authority. Betas are the second-hand, they have a strong influence on Alphas decisions and their words carry some weight. Lastly, Omegas are soft, delicate, submissive and fertile and always looked down upon. Louis is a small cross-dressing Omega with bright blue eyes and a soul too pure for society. He's lived his life in books and fairytales, so it's quite surprising when he gets a call from a manager of a celebrity about being a personal assistant for said celebrity. Louis is used to event-planning, he found comfort in the field of customer service, and he is constantly brushing up his resume-maybe working for a tall, charming, slow-talking Alpha won't be so bad. OR A fic inspired by Harry's appearance at the MET Gala 2019 because I couldn't get the thought of his arm around Louis' waist as he walked down the pink carpet. WAS ORIGINALLY TITLED "Delicious" #83 in bottomlouis, #58 in topharry, #231 in louis Lovely cover art by caslerrr43 larryent may 2019 Disclaimer. I do not own one direction or anything with a brand name. This is a fan fiction and purely for entertainment. DO NOT STEAL/REPOST MY STORIES. ©larryent


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Lemon; la...
by larryent