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The knots in her stomach tightened. She groaned, pressing her side but she still managed to talk. "If my father had promised you-a mere gateman's son-a scholarship to study abroad, means I, as his biological daughter, had a better chance to study in one of the best colleges abroad but you ruined it. You ruined it with your own hands." Now it was her turn to laugh, although it was a painful one. "Even you might have forgotten that you caused it. If you hadn't deceived me to bed, I would have been in California, living a better life." Pregnant at a very young age, May got disowned by her wealthy father. Neglected, she had no choice but to get married to the gatemans son, whom she thought loved her and whom had put the overly pampered teenager in a family way. Too bad, she didn't know what awaited her until she lived with him. Married life doesn't go all flowery for her but still, May is willing to stand strong and fight for her marriage to work. But how long could she fight? Then what happens when Iby and Tega comes along? Especially when both men thinks they could save her? May becomes confused between whom her heart is truly for. Her husband? Iby? Or Tega? Follow May's journey of pain, betrayal and how she finds true love amidst all odds. Editing done by @SurferJulz Book cover by @Comfortableshows


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