A Golden Lily and A...
By Ladywhite12
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Fifty years ago, a brave hero gave up his life to save humanity from a vile demon. While most will never know the full truth of what happened, Jonathan Joestar's descendants have learned of him and of their family's bizarre destiny... The hard way! Enter Joseph Joestar, grandson of Jonathan and the hero of our story. While he may be hotheaded, impetuous, and confrontational, Joseph is as every bit of a hero you wouldn't have expected. When a new evil threatens the world, it's up to Joseph to master his Hamon and fight against them. But he will not go at it alone as fellow fighters will join his side in battle. One of these fighters is a dangerously beautiful golden lily. * I do not own any of the JJBA franchise and no profit of any kind is being made *Jojo's Bizarre Adventure belongs to Hirohiko Araki

Chapter 1: A new generation

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A Golden...
by Ladywhite12