The Unknown
By Yasminne_
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Life is complicated. A motto Jungkook has lived by for as long as he could remember. Life, however, seemed better when he hung out with his six best friends. Despite each one of them having their own personal troublesome issues, their love for each other always brought them together. They meant a great deal to him. So why couldn't he remember how they met? Even more unsettling, why did he have memories of a past life with them? One where they were worldwide icons, and loved by millions. A life filled with passion, happiness and love; the exact opposite of the world he currently lived in. Why was he burdened with these memories? Dismissing them off as daydreams, he tries to move on with his real life. Soon he finds himself facing weird, mysterious secrets that changes his life forever.

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The Unkno...
by Yasminne_