Swapped Mate
By pandawithbraces
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"Swapped with my own mate; my 'legendary' mate." Ernest Emyrs and Corin Raonic's souls get swapped with each other. While Corin is a human, Ernest is a werewolf. After some certain circumstances, a fact is thrown on their paths, they are mates. But that's not the case since something bigger is waiting. When Corin and Ernest struggle to get their real selves back, they discover some deadly secrets. A group of 'unknown creatures' covered those secrets quite nicely till then. Now that the words are leaked, it leads the whole werewolf species to their end. So, doesn't it mean that Ernest and Corin will never have the opportunity to be together? And, doesn't it mean that they won't be one another's swapped-mate? Important note/alert about the story: ----------------------------------------------------------- Sub genre: comedy, thriller, paranormal If you want to try something new or different, this book is for you. And, just know that this book won't be like any regular werewolf stories and I'll try my best not to disappoint you. Weekly update on Thursday. Current status: Trying but I will update if I can T_T Cover by me (✷‿✷) Reviewed by @krazyreader18 Achievement: ------------------------------- ★Best Title (special category) in The Libra Awards 2020 ★ Second place in The Starlight Awards ★ Second place in The Young Writers Awards 2020 ★ Best Title in The Writing Beauty Awards ★ Third place in The Writing Beauty Awards, genre: Fantasy ★ Second place in Writer's Glory Awards (ll edition)

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Swapped M...
by pandawithbraces