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[Previously titled The Incubus's Claim] Former marine and ex convict; Matthew Elliott, has his life in order. He has a great relationship with his tattoo artist girlfriend, Ruth Cleveland, but things turn sour whenever her birthday is close. A visit to Ruth's family gives Matthew the opportunity to find out the secret Ruth has kept from him. He, unfortunately, doesn't get the chance to ask all the right questions because of a horrific tragedy that leaves Ruth's family dead. After the blood bath, the last image Matthew has of Ruth is her being dragged by her hair into a hellish portal. The cops don't believe his story but one woman does. She directs him to a psychic who reveals the terrifying secret about a demon's claim over Ruth's life. Now Matthew is forced to journey to the Amazon forest in search of Ruth. He has to get to her before the lunar eclipse or it will be too late. This is a tale of man vs demon, good against evil. Will love conquer all or will darkness reign? Clearly, there's more to what meets the eye especially when a dark secret about a demonic convernant is involved. R18 SNVL (Please read the Copyright / Trigger Warning chapter for more info.)

Trigger Warnings / Copyright

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