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(Book 1) Elleanora Carter has been living with her grandfather, Professor Digory, from the tender age of 8 years old. Since arriving at the manor that was now her home, her overwhelming curiosity dug at her, discovering hidden secrets among the manor and her family line, as well as a large chest which she couldn't find the key to as hard as she looked. After 3 years of living with her grandfather and the start of the Second World War, Elleanora receives a telegram from the British Army. Her father is M.I.A, presumed dead by enemy fire. Struck with grief Elleanora retreats into herself, unable to make herself feel anything except sadness and loneliness of losing yet another parent. With the war tipping Elleanora and the peace over the edge, the Pevensies siblings arrive. And at the end, the five will share a secret. One for their eyes only. [DISCLAIMER: I do not own Narnia nor C.S Lewis' characters, except Elleanora [Ella/Nora] Carter and her father]

Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lost Queen

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by linareem