The Wolf and The Wi...
By poltergeist_people
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The world is filled with creatures of magic. Some were good once. Most have always seen mortals as nothing more than food and spell fodder. For hundreds upon hundreds of years the brought havoc to mortals, tipping the balance in their favor. The gods whom had created mortals grew saddened by their inevitable extinction. They wished sorely to prevent the creations of demons from destroying what was once so beautiful. So saddened by the incoming loss, Luna goddess of the moon and life shed tears from her perch in the stars for she, more than any god was forced to bare witness to these atrocities. Her tears dripped from the sky off the ends of the stars, falling to the world into the forests she loved so. They coated the beasts she adored more than her own soul. The wolves who loved to chase the stars she would throw morphed before her very eyes. Seeing them standing beneath the nights sky, not man not beast, she knew. Her wolves would put an end to the horror against mortals. They would bring balance to this world. ~~ The children of the night? Leaches. The fae? Drunken partiers with a taste for murder. Merfolk? Fish sluts with a taste for human flesh. Trolls? Morons of the highest caliber. Zombie? Bastards of witches. Witches? Vile little whores who turned their back on humans for power. Werewolves? The beasts who hunt them all.

Ch 1: I'm not Dead yet

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The Wolf...
by poltergeist_people