The Knight and the...
By SirTurtletheIII
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It's the year 1508 After Banishment. And a storm is brewing. Sersalvon is fractured, the multiple duchies that make up the kingdom are divided like pieces of shattered glass. To the north, the Evrúopean invaders begin their assault upon the Caraíbes Isles. In the midst of it all, Salvador; a mercenary with a tragic childhood, Gerard; a freelancer knight, Benedict; the second son to the King of Sersalvon, with dreams of a united kingdom, and Angelica; daughter of the Duchess of Mercenaries. Will they stand against the tide, or are they destined to fall? FEATURED IN WATTPAD'S OFFICIAL HISTORICAL FICTION READING LIST "MEDIEVAL" FEATURED IN WATTPAD'S OFFICIAL ADVENTURE ACCOUNT, "FANTASTICAL ADVENTURES" READING LIST [AWARDS] #1st Place in the Glory Awards for Adventure #3rd in the Discovery Awards for Action and Adventure [HIGHEST RANKINGS] #4 IN LEADERSHIP #20 IN PEASANT #36 IN DISCOVERINGYOURSELF


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The Knigh...
by SirTurtletheIII