The Eyes Of The Dev...
By PerfectlyOdd_
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The Eyes Of The Devil "The devil can not fall in love with an angel, its not right!". "but, Love doesn't always have to be right, it just has to be true." What happens when two completely opposite people with completely opposite lives end up with quite a similar fate. At westwood high there is only one rule everybody listens to; never look into the eyes of the devil. IT SOUNDS BAD- and it is- BUT ITS WORTH THE READ i think. - ⚠️This book includes abuse, self harm and rape⚠️ Hey. Yeah this book will include many mistakes and stuff but oh well. I write when i cant sleep lmao. [Book created on 13th July 2019] © 2019 by PerfectlyOdd_ . All rights reserved.

Chapter One

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The Eyes...
by PerfectlyOdd_