TroubleMaker (Twili...
By lele_tiaun
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Alex is what you call a street rat who steals to survive in this harsh world. She didn't believe in the government and hated her parents for abandoning her to die in the streets. She would have done just that if it won't for her abilities she had. She could manipulate shadows and bend them to her will. She could also teleport within the shadows but not long distances as she would have hoped. He could also hide herself in the shadows which helped her a lot in surviving. That was until she was finally caught and shipped off to a small town called forks. Upon being there she causes enough trouble to bring unwanted attention on her. one fight lead to another and a little vision from the ever so loving seer and she is taken in by the cullens whi want nothing more to protect her yet keep her hidden XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX "Look I already lost everything there is too loose. I'm done being weak, so" she snapped glaring at the cullens and then at the the volturi guards who wouldn't let her out the stupid castle. Aro glanced at his brother's before taking a step twords her, completely ignoring the looks the cullens gave him."that is truly unfortunate, but you belong to us and we are not letting you go" he says calmly "you run and we will give chase"caius snapped smirking a little "I have waited to long to let you slip through our fingers" Marcus spoke up smiling softly at me.

Chapter 1: Life?

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by lele_tiaun