The Suffering of Lo...
By Writer_of_the_Wind
  • Mystery / Thriller
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  • horror-thriller
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  • interracial
  • japan
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  • lgbt
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  • romance
  • suffering
  • thriller


Chiharu and Momoko are best friends and go to Hanami Sakura Gakuin, a Japanese High School in a small village in Tokyo, Japan. Chiharu has a boyfriend named Kenji who doesn't exactly treat his girlfriend with the love and respect she deserves and Momoko knows this. A new foreign exchange student named Aina has arrived from Norway and quickly makes good friends with both Chiharu and Momoko. A big argument breaks out between Chiharu and her boyfriend Kenji on Aina's first day. As Aina unintentionally gets involved, she along with her other friends are sent to the head office. For Aina who just recently got to Japan, had only just enrolled and in trouble on her first day at Hanami Sakura Gakuin, things are looking sour for her.

Chapter 1 - The Foreign Exchange Student

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The Suffe...
by Writer_of_the_Wind