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Identical strangers. Identical Nightmares. Tay Donovan dreams about her death twice a week. The first time, it's her as she knows herself; covered in tattoo's with brown hair and hopeless eyes, but the second time... it's the other her - the perky blonde version. Each time, it's a different town, a different scene and a different accident... but one thing remains the same: when one of her dies, the other does too. After her ninth unsuccessful foster home, she's done with the system. Out on her own for the first time in her life, Tay's living as a street-kid, bouncing from town-to-town and running from the nightmares of her mind. Now she's headed for Hollow-Springs, the only town she ever thought she'd call home... but when she gets there, her whole life is turned upside down and things get more messed up than she ever thought they could as she's mistaken for a missing girl - the towns pride and joy, Violet Hudson. Violet Hudson is who every girl in Hollow-Springs wants to be. A gorgeous cheerleader with straight A's and blond hair. On the outside, she's a picture-perfect teenager, but on the inside, she's living as a prisoner in the trap of her own mind; scared to sleep for fear she'll see herself die. She's tired of living life with the after-scars of each death. All she wants is to be happy without the constant thought of what the other her represents, but on the happiest day of her life, she finds out that there are things out there much scarier than nightmares of accidents and fake doppelgangers, and one of those things is being kidnapped and tortured. As nightmares become reality, and her mind shows her the impossible, Tay is against the clock to save a girl she's never met, and giving up is not an option because if Violet dies, she does too...

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