The Devil ✔
By whoscountinganyway
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DIABOLIC SERIES 1 Simply put, this story is about a boy who calls himself the Devil and a girl who has gone through hell. Being 'happy' doesn't come as easy to Emma Carter as the people around her tell her it should. There's glimpses of it, there's things she finds funny, but actual happiness? She wasn't sure if that existed. Healthy coping mechanisms were never something she was taught, even after trauma and grief change her daily life. To say the very least, Emma Carter was reckless with her own life. That wasn't exactly something that Xavier Wolf liked. The Wolf boy, true to his name, was a feral force of nature not many liked to taunt. While his mouth got him in trouble and his fists got him arrested, his heart earned him the girl that sat in the back of his photography class, even if he's convinced he's no good for her. A girl Xavier knew he'd protect, even when the worse of his dark thoughts came to pass. That's without knowing about the darkness in Emma's own mind. *** "I'm at the point of exhaustion in my life, where I need a stronger word than fuck." Emma sighs, cheek resting on her fist. Xavier Wolf smirks, leaning back in his chair. "Aren't you adorable."


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The Devil...
by whoscountinganyway