An Unexpected Twist...
By MarshmellowLover15
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Born to be apart. Destined to be together. Draco and Hermione are bonded to each other in more ways than one. Each holding a secret that compliments the other. Together, their power can save the world. Apart, their power could destroy the world. Will they give in to the bond and accept their destiny or will they reject it and be destroyed by law? With the war behind them and Voldemort defeated, the students of Hogwarts hope for a calm year, but the Ministry has other plans. Instead of the quiet year they wished for, the golden trio and their fellow students find themselves thrown into a sticky situation that cannot be avoided. Will they overcome their differences and accept the challenge, or will they forfeit and lose it all? Life was going to get a lot more complicated as fate takes an unexpected twist. Wattys 2020 Best Ranking #1 in Dramione


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An Unexpe...
by MarshmellowLover15