An Angel in the Dark
By Hamster_XXX
  • Vampire
  • alone
  • angel
  • blood
  • brother
  • cat
  • darkness
  • eldestsibling
  • hislight
  • king
  • kingdom
  • light
  • love
  • mate
  • pet
  • power
  • shifter
  • sister
  • vampire
  • werewolf


The human world is long gone and is now controlled by the vampire race. Humans with money can live a peaceful life while the poor decide to sell their children as pets to vampires. Orphans are forced into the role of pets and werewolves are tortured and trained into soldiers or pets. This world is ruled by a cold-hearted, ruthless king who shows no mercy towards his enemies. But all that changes when the Vampire King was gifted a new pet, a pet with a heart of gold. With only a smile she manages to change the King's heart, making him change his whole persona. But for how long can the King keep the secrets of the castle before his sweet pet finds them out. And what happens when the King finally finds a mate? Will he accept her or leave her in pieces? What will happen to the pet? Will she fear the King forever or learn to trust him? How will the King's nice behavior affect her and what will happen to her when she finds out the secrets of the vampire race? I'm the last of my kind, the only shifter left. As a child, I was marked as a pet. All my freedom just slipped through my fingers leaving me trapped and now, I get to become the King's new pet. COMPLETE //INCLUDES VIOLENCE AND CURSING// Highest rank #1 Pet [28/11-2019]

1- The Kings Castle

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An Angel...
by Hamster_XXX