Finally a New Begin...
By cami090411
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~*Book 3*~ There is a lot going on in the BAU's lives. Derek is back, even though he has a new life he likes; Aaron is trying his best to keep it together; JJ is relieved but at the same time scared about Emily's reaction to Derek's return; the rest of the team is hanging on by a thread. However, this all doesn't matter if Emily doesn't wake up, because then everything crumbles; and if she does wake up, then Emily will have to choose between Derek and Aaron. So, is there going to be finally a new beginning for this team? ~This is book 3 of Hard Life~ ⚠Must read "Hard Life" and "Is It Worth It?" first⚠ Started on June 4th, 2019 Highest ranking #3 in Demily (07/16/19) Highest ranking #8 in Hotchniss (05/11/20)

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Finally a...
by cami090411