Theirs (Book 3 In T...
By linzvonc
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*SAMPLE CHAPTER ONLY- FULL STORY AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON INKITT.* If you loved the story of Cal & Gretchen, wait until you see what their darling children get up to.... Caleb curses more often than a pirate, despite looking like a fallen angel. He tries to look out for his sisters, but they have their own agenda... Summer is trying to just make it through school unscathed. She is determined to wait until she meets the right man before she loses her innocence, but what happens when she meets the wrong one with a different idea? Then there's Alice. Beautiful, innocent Alice who is thirteen going on twenty. No one knows what is happening with her, even her slightly younger twin brother Zane. Zane dreams of being an actor just like his Grandad. He just needs to grow up, quickly.. *Book 3 In The Winterburg Series* Cover made by myself on Canva


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Theirs (B...
by linzvonc