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An ambitious playboy billionaire, a virgin with dark desires and wicked, dirty games... When Lila Montgomery meets Killean Xavier Knight for the first time she is stunned by the magnetism and the spark of desire she fells for this stranger. Yet something about him reminds her of the pleasure god she spent an evening with. Killean Knight is a man who loved challenges, he strives on them and he does not take no as an answer. He is determined to have Lila in his bed by any means. He sees Lila's indifference to him as an exciting venture and he enjoys the thrill of the chase... Killean Everyone has a past. A past you can't escape...but that doesn't mean we won't try. My escape? The club I co-own. Fantasy Hub is a place where identities are kept secret and fantasies are brought to life. It's not until a headstrong, sassy woman walks into my club, her presence demanding my attention that lines start to blur. It was only supposed to be one night. No strings attached. No complications. But when our paths cross outside the club walls, it's impossible for me to stay away. But Lila is kind, pure...innocent. She's everything I'm not, and a man like me can easily ruin a woman like her. Corrupt her. Destroy her. If I was a good man I would walk away. If I was a man who always did the right thing I wouldn't pursue Lila with a desire to consume her. But that's the problem. I'm not. IMPORTANT: Please not that this is only the first six chapters of the novel.


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