By lovelyandbubbly
  • Romance
  • 3rdperson
  • alexithymia
  • boyxgirl
  • brokenheart
  • cuteromance
  • drama
  • femaleprotagonist
  • healing
  • hurt
  • love
  • lovehurts
  • lovestory
  • newadult
  • novel
  • originalcharacter
  • romance
  • sadlovestory
  • sadness
  • sick
  • thriller


When her heart is broken during a romantic trip she makes the silly decision to ask a wish. But sometimes our wishes are heard, and what we wish isn't always what we get. (...) Her feet take her to a fountain as tears descend from her eyes. "Please God, please. It hurts." Looking up she recognizes the place, it's the same piazza they were earlier. Laura searches on her small bag for a coin. She remembers the words from the tour guide 'the gods helped a girl with her wish back in the day'. She is so broken at this point that it's a solution just as good as any other. Taking the coin out she strolls to the edge of the fountain. "I wish not to get hurt anymore." (...) Disclaimer ⚠️ You may get upset with some of the characters through out the book. They are not perfect as I want them to write them as human as possible. So they will talk back, they will make the wrong decisions. If you have a problem with that I suggest not to read this book. All copyrights from this book belong too ©lovelyandbubbly 2019


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by lovelyandbubbly