Seserance (The Miga...
By Cosmic_Radical
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Separated from connection with anyone in Migax, Summer and Eeksa have only a short time to get rid of the seserance before they are caught and MiliLabs seizes its power. To do so they must make it through Ixar, home to the megacorps that are increasingly gaining control, in search of a renowned hacker and an expert on advanced technology. Back at Aksel, paranoia is only growing worse. Wilders are angry at Migax's treatment of squells and are demanding a resolution. As fear invades the school, Moonwafer turns to the digital world to spread a message of protest. But without Eeksa's leadership, Migax's resistance is desperate for more control, and Moonwafer isn't sure he's committed to their methods. As Leafsong seeks out The Hope of Migax on her own and experiments with her new-found Manipulator powers, she finds herself testing the limits of her freedoms and finding out dark secrets about Migax's resistance, secrets which cause her to question Eeksa's true motives.


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by Cosmic_Radical