Hora: Discovering (...
By Phantom_Writer
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(WILL BE UNDER MAJOR REVISION JANUARY 2021) Horarian Series: Discovering Ash Lay Hernandez, a boy who lives from a abusive family. His friends help him to get away from his family, and told him something that he's not from here. He was accidentally brought to the Mortal Realm or is it? He discovered that he has a power, he also found friends that he will never thought he will have. But there is something more on Ash personality even him doesnt know. He will discover it all, and he also found the one who will take care of him. He is Mysterious and Cold, but Ash melted his frozen heart and made it warm. Ash Lay Hernandez is more than a human, a mage, an elemental holder and a horarian. He's a......... Warning: Some Chapters may include light sexual scenes and some Gruesome scene. The sexual scene only has kissing and touching of skin and no more than that. Chapters have some rating, but the entirely of the story is for everyone. If you dont like reading those, please just leave. Thank you Book 1 of Horarian Series [BXB] Phantom_Writer [Completed] [TAG-LISH] Date Started: November 14, 2019 Date Ended: March 15, 2020 Minor Revision Date Started: May 6, 2020 Date Ended: May 16, 2020 Major Revision Date Started: January 18, 2021 Date Ended:

Author's Warning

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Hora: Dis...
by Phantom_Writer