One Week Girlfriend...
By background21
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Have you ever had a crush? Of course! Has that crush turned into likeness? Probably! And that likeness into love? ... Rashmi may have gone through this process a little stronger than others and ended up getting the tag 'One week Girlfriend'. And her efforts to remove that tag may have brought something more than she expected in her life. Now, she is in a situation which was never expected and has friends to help and to get help from. In short, there are many life changing decisions ahead of her and her group of friends. Let's see how everything unfolds for them. .... "You already know my answer for your question." I said picking up my drink. "That you don't believe in getting back together after the break-up?" he asked, staring at me while I am trying to not meet his gaze. "Yes! If the relationship was that precious then there wouldn't have been any word of break-up. I know it is weird, but that's what I feel and I don't plan on changing my opinion." I replied and wished he would stop asking these questions. "Then it is a good thing." His words made me pause, but I just ignored him. "As we never had a break-up, there is no problem for us to get back together." This time I had too many reactions at once where I had to cough and spill the drink on my clothes along with staring straight at his face. What the hell happened to him and what is he playing at? And the good thing is, I was not the only one thinking like that about his words. Or is it really just me?


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One Week...
by background21