Not Our Plan
By _Lost-in-stars_
  • Romance
  • 1600s
  • anxiety
  • boyxboy
  • crown
  • depression
  • gay
  • girlxgirl
  • keepfighting
  • king
  • kingdom
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
  • lgbtq
  • loveislove
  • prince
  • princess
  • queen
  • romance
  • servant


Prince Ethan is one of the many with a destiny he can't escape. He was fine with travelling to the princess's castle, fine with battling to save her, even fine with bringing her back with him. But it was a little more complicated than that. The heart wants what it wants... And Prince Ethan's heart wants boys. ..... Hey there! Just wanted to give you a warning: This book includes mental issues such as depression and anxiety, but I promise I'm not using the mental illnesses as a joke. Not only does it include those issues, it also touches upon the subject of sexual assault. We don't go deep into molestation and rape, but we do touch upon it. If you are sensitive to that kind of thing, then please, please, PLEASE don't read this. You may if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you. If you have depression or anxiety (or think you might) then please talk to a professional. The same goes, if you have been touched inappropriately then please go to a professional or even the police. I'm sorry if you've been through the same things as my characters have, or even slightly similar. But, even though you've probably skipped over this, I need you to KEEP FIGHTING. You are worth it, and one day, all of this is going to be worth it too. Thanks for listening! Happy reading, if you do decide to read! Xoxoxo -Paige

Chapter one

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Not Our P...
by _Lost-in-stars_