The Ice Prince || H...
By ChocoHyun
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Kim Sulin, a short-tempered young girl who has a fiery soul, kindhearted and warm but misunderstood as fake by other people, hence they find it best to avoid her and she was fine with it. Her friends and family are the only people who knows how she really is. This misunderstanding started when someone bullied her and spread nasty rumors about her in a boarding school, since then she had hated boarding schools. However, a new boy had transferred to her school, incredibly handsome but that's just his appearance, he is cold, introvert, selfish and scary, refusing to love nor even like, because of a certain incident in his past. When these two interact what could possibly happen? Put ice on fire, will the ice melt or will the fire vanish? Or will the fire polish the ice which is hiding a precious stone? We never know, unless we read that is. :) [Under Heavy editing] {Ongoing}

Prologue - 'The prince of Ice'

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The Ice P...
by ChocoHyun