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By _alicia-chan_
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(Y/N) looked up to the heroes once, but now she gave them the fault for her mother's death. (Y/N) loved her father once, but now she gave him the fault for her mother's death. Her father loved his life once, but now he's drinking it away. Her father loved his daughter once, but now she was just a tool, a toy, a maid... (Y/N) was happy once, but now her life was miserable. (Y/N) hated the villains once, but now they were the ones welcoming her. HE was welcoming her. Once (Y/N) decided to dedicate her life to her new family, the League of Villains, she is sent on a mission as a spy in U.A. Her good acting abilities seem to come in handy, but will her emotions be her weak point? Will she get attached to the new people she meets? And what does All Might have to do with her? Is she a villain? Is she a hero? She will have to pick sides.

Preface & Prologue

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by _alicia-chan_