Where We Stand (Yan...
By OnlineGinger
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Claret. A city named for it's enchanting red sunsets. It wasn't specifically named after the blood spilt on the streets or in the world run by the infamous and unknown "Ambrose". You're an orphan with no purpose or place in life, so when you were offered a place in Ambrose's mafia, the Silvers, you jumped at the chance. You were given a job, a home, and a postion with some power. Andi Dawn was a rich kid who lost a cousin to the crime underworld if Claret and was determined to claim revenge. In an attempt to uncover the world of crime, he goes under cover and finds much more than he had bargained for. Will you betray the man who saved your life? Will Andi get out before he's found? How much blood must be spilt before it's enough? WARNINGS: sexual themes, mature themes, murder, blood, gory scenes. Ya know. The usual stuff that comes with these stories.


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Where We...
by OnlineGinger