The Tower in the Di...
By berrykun
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Ali is an isolated wizard. They've lived alone for centuries, never moving home from their one spot. The decades passed, solitary and depressing. They've seen many humans make their mark on history. Despite all this, nothing could have prepared them for the awe-invoking storm that was Ari. Ari is the most outgoing guy he's ever met. His village presides in a valley where, off in the distance, the tower on the hill is almost always too hazy to see clearly. The topic of almost every folk story in his village, the tower is told to shelter a terrible, mad wizard. Nothing could've prepared him for the disaster that was Ali. -- Very, VERY loosely based on Minecraft. Minecraft-related creatures are mentioned, and it uses Minecraft mechanics, but you do not have to know anything specific about the game to understand this story.

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The Tower...
by berrykun