A New Family - My H...
By Glossy_Gamer
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The day that a baby with (H/C) hair and (E/C) eyes was found on the sidewalk between Yuuei high and the road was the day that everything changed. The only thing that the school knew was that the baby's name was (Y/N), and that there was no record of a family in the books. So, Principal Nezu decided to keep her. It became a fun thing in the classrooms, almost like a test. The baby would always be a symbol to them, a symbol of hope, almost of peace (except when she'd cry.) Everything seemed to be going normal, until the day she manifests a powerful quirk. And with the quirk being untamable at such a young age, and without (Y/N) being able to defend herself, it became Yuuei's duty to protect the girl. But one day, she goes missing. Started: May 2019 Finished: Ongoing


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A New Fam...
by Glossy_Gamer