In The World Of Kat...
By Lia_Eleison
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*I'm French not English if there are any wrong grammar or anything else please comment so I can correct it and improve myself.* ***Even if the story isn't a romance one I am a fan of yaoi so there will be some boy X boy moment and maybe even boy X boy couple(s).*** *With gokudera and the MC cursing is normal don't be surprised.* 25 years old Lia Eleison is fully living her life, Otaku interested by manga and anime of all sort, a young girl like all other appart from her fujoshi side and her tendency to want to know about everything that is happening around her. One day Lia witness a suicide attack from a terrorist and after trying to save as much people as she can she is crushed by some building and die immediately. ///you who gave up her life to save another one, I offer you a choice : the reincarnation or the eternal peace in the last world/// It is after earning those words that Lia's story start but what happen after is for you to discover


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In The Wo...
by Lia_Eleison