Our kind of love
By officialhoneybell
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Highest Rankings: #1 - Strong girl #73 - Contract #20 - Playful #84 - Hot #322 -Possessive #503 -Beautiful Hailey Stewart is a 21 year old billionaire, she is the CEO of Stewart enterprise handed down to her by her parents. She is an only child who grew up enjoying all her parents attention. Hailey is very gorgeous and knows how guys work just to get her but Hailey being Hailey doesn't give her attention to boys. She is a goal getter, kind, generous and gets whatever she wants. But she has a dark past which resulted to her having trust issues, being strong and doesn't take any rubbish from anyone be it male or female. What happens when she is forced into an arranged marriage with the one and only Italian business tycoon Franco O'Donte. Franco O'Donte is also the sole owner of a wine company.He is rude, arrogant and not to mention he is also very handsome. Women beg for his attention but he just uses them for his pleasure because he does only flings and for him that's his thing. He has this dominating aura all over him making women submit to him except for one and which is our own Hailey. This intrigues him and he wants to find out more about her but will he be able to breakdown the walls she as built after all these years. Sparks fly between these two but will they put their egos aside and let love take over. So what happens when two dominating figures are forced into an arranged marriage will or will they not fall in love.


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Our kind...
by officialhoneybell