Love Marriage
By xxxasbahxxx
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It's been 2 months since jin married taehyung . No no it's not an arrange marriage but love . Marriage done to avenge . They dated 2 years before marriage . But this marriage was just a revenge . Revenge that made him marry jin . Now he is just a cold husband who brings girls to the house to torture his husband . This description is a bit lame but please give this book a try . Before reading let me warn you that this is a bxb book which means it's gonna have sexual scenes between 2 men . If you are uncomfortable with it so please leave . And it's a BTS ff and I mean no harm to any other the members or any other characters in this book . It's pure fiction and let me warn you that I am not a professional writer and English is not my first language so there are gonna be grammatical mistakes . Hope you enjoy reading this book ♡♡♡ Currently 1st on #angstwithhappyending 2nd on #bottomjin 5th on #gayromance 8th on #taejin

Chapter One

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Love Marr...
by xxxasbahxxx