Love with a Price
By spokencolors
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•COMPLETED• •CHECK OUT THE SEQUEL: Costly Consequences!• "I knew I wanted you from the moment I saw you and" he leans in closer "judging by the way you reacted to hearing me say the word 'wet'" he chuckles and it's a sexy, husky sound "you want me too." Sofia Stepanov is a 20 year old girl on the run from her abusive father. She's fed up with living a lifeless existence and when she gets accepted into a college in Seattle, she knows that this is her chance at a fresh start. She reluctantly leaves her childhood friend in New York and ventures off on her own to begin her first semester. Upon arriving on campus she immediately clicks with her eccentric roommate, Sage, and Sage's bat shit crazy best friend. They give her hope for the possibility of a normal college experience and begin to tear down the walls shes had to create to protect herself. But when Trevor Hayes saunters into her life and pops her perfectly content bubble, she's left reeling. He's sexy, charming and infuriatingly observant. He is everything she has been lacking in her rigid, cautious life and it pisses her off. She's used to flying under the radar but he can see straight through her- leaving her vulnerable. Just as Sofie opens herself up to all the possibilities of her new life, it becomes clear that Trevor is hiding something. Trusting him may be the biggest mistake she has ever made.


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Love with...
by spokencolors